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Real Teen Patti
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Teen Patti Master 2023

Real Teen Patti

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Real Teen Patti

Real Teen Patti Apk – In Today Money Earning is Very Easy if you have Some Guide today we Give you some Tips (Real Teen Patti Hack ) to Play online Rummy and TeenPatti GameReal Teen Patti is our Verified Online Casino game, Real Teen Patti  | You can see the Withdrawal proof of Real Teen Patti Inside Apk so Lets Start…

Hello Friends How Are you all..। You are earning thousands of rupees a day and you will get half by working all day long but you will have to eat riff If this continues, My Brother will go out full life like this, then when Will you fulfill the dreams that you have seen

You will keep thinking that man I do not know, then your vehicle, you can also earn thousands of rupees daily by playing the game like me. Your brother is 100% guaranteed to fulfill your dreams. Now don’t waste too much time and come straight to the point

My friends have brought you a very good game once again. The name of this game is Real Teen Patti Ji Ha friends in this Real Teen Patti is earning thousands of rupees of the day of the game

Listening to me, you must also feel that I also want to earn money in this way, but how is a which you are well-learner, just read our post last which will explain to you in a very easy way below

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How to download Real Teen Patti

You have to play but you will be wondering how to download it which teaches you.

To Download, you will see something like a photo above or below in our post Download now!It will look like click on it and your chrome or browser will open and the download will start

As soon as it is downloaded, install it and open it

Teen Patti Royal-Teen Patti Royal Apk Download

How to create account in Real Teen Patti

Download it, but how to open your account in it, so let’s go and learn…

When you open Real Teen Patti, you will come across 3 options

Real Teen Patti

login mobile number

login Facebook

play as guest

Among these 3 options, which you like better, click on it, as if you should register with the mobile number so that you do not have problems next.

Mobile number login करने का तरीका सबसे आसान हे mobile login पे click कीजिए और आपके mobile मे एक otp आएगा वो डाल दीजिए और आपका account Real Teen Patti game मे open हो जाएगा ।

This game just launch even to this this day different offer looking to meet will, whereby what your mood is also good, and will be much more than the income of having the chance increases.

As soon as you open Real Teen Patti, you will get a free bonus mil of 10₹, which you can also play, now hoping that you will enjoy playing.

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All available game in Real Teen Patti game

You will get to play many games in Real Teen Patti which I have written the name below .

Real Teen Patti

  • Rummy
  • Teen patti
  • 7 up down
  • Andar bahar
  • Jhandi munda
  • Explorer slots
  • Safari of wealth
  • Slots
  • Dragon vs tiger
  • Variations
  • Car roulette
  • Crash
  • Golden india
  • Bikini paradise
  • Let’s party
  • Mines
  • Cricket heroes
  • Rad vs black
  • Wingo lottery
  • Horse racing
  • 3patti war
  • Baccarat AB
  • Zandu
  • Ak 47 teen patti
  • Pot blind
  • Candy party
  • Fishing war

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How to add case in Real Teen Patti

If you get a free bonus of₹ 10, the money is falling less and if you want to play with more money, then you will have to pour money from your or friend’s bank account…

If you want to add money, then in Real Teen Patti game, the icone of the add case will be seen in the bottom right click on it.

As soon as you click, you will get to see according to the offer that is going on according to the company, next you add 500₹, then you will get a free bonus of 300₹ i.e. 30% more.

Real Teen Patti

It happens that every time there is no offer, but you will be wondering how is the money add, so as you click on the icone with add case, you will see the other amount option in front of you and you can add as much as you want, at least 100₹ and you can add as much as 20000₹.

You select the amount according to your own account, then as soon as you pay the add case below, you have to add money from your or friend’s bank account, fill the deteil, which is a very easy way, so you pay tax according to your own account and in two minit your money will be added to the game Real Teen Patti apk Download and according to the offer of the game will be going on, you will also get your bonus now let’s go further

But you are from an ordinary house and you do not have money to add to Real Teen Patti Game and you will be having a lot of desire to play, then you will think of playing with a loan from your friends or someone else if you lose that money, then you will get a loan without meaning and will face a new problem.

You don’t need to borrow, I have a very good way to do it, if you want to play, I teach you to play without having to spend money If you’ve got a loan on you, then I’m going to have to do it first, then start playing after you’ve read the whole thing to the end

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How to Refer & Earn in Real Teen Patti apk

We talked like if you have no money to add to Real Teen Patti, even if you want to play, then Real Teen Patti has a very good way.

What you have to do in this is that first you download Real Teen Patti, then in the corner of the bottom  left SA said, You will get to see the icon of refer & earn, click on it as soon as refer & earn will open you will have many options in front of you.

Real Teen Patti

From these 5 options, you have to click the first option, then there looks like a link in the top corner of the right said and the copy will be written in the said, from where you have to copy the link.

If you do not understand the link copy, then below you will see all the options that you use whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube and winning social midea, among which you can invite your friend by clicking the one that you like best.

If you are wondering what is our benefit from this, then tell you that this is the best way to play Real Teen Patti game, what will be in it that any of your friends download this Real Teen Patti and register, then its full 20₹ bonus you absolutely free
Get it.

You get 20₹ bonus, but if your friend adds money to them in game Real Teen Patti, then you will get a full 30% comission. You can imagine how many friends you will have if you play by downloading Real Teen Patti game from all your sent link, then you will get income without effort.

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How to withdraw in Real Teen Patti

If you earn more money in your game and you have to withdraw money, then you will see an icone of withdrawal, click on it and if you use Android mobile, then you will only understand what to do in withdrawal.

Teen Patti WinaReal Teen Patti

Then give a little information in you, you will have to put all the details in it as below

If you have a phonpe in your mobile, then you can withdraw money from UPI too, if not, you can also put it directly in the bank account, you put your bank details✍︎ according to you and your money will come to your bank account in 24 hours or 48 hours, you can withdraw at least up to₹ 100.

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How to VIP offer in Real Teen Patti 

If you want to take advantage of more offers, then you are given the option of VIP, that you will get☟︎︎︎ at the very bottom of your profile.

You will have to add money according to the company’s rual in it, according to the amount you add, you will start getting daily bonus.

How to gullak bonus in Real Teen Patti

If you want to take the gullak bonus, then you have to Recharge VIP or else you will not get the benefit of gullak bonus.


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Costumer Support in Real Teen Patti 

You have done everything, then if you have any problem in the game, then you can bar from the company. Now, I’ll explain to you how to do it.

First, open the Real Teen Patti game, then at the bottom you will see a connect option and click on it….

Recharge help

Withdraw help

Bonus help

Invite help

daily help

VIP help

Others help

What help you need in this, you can click according to your own and do it with the company.

Teen Patti Star-Teen Patti Star App Download

Real Teen Patti APK FAQ

QUESTION: How much minimum payment can be withdrawn in Real Teen Patti APK.

ANSWER: In Real Teen Patti APK, the facility to withdraw minimum ₹ 100 payment is available.

QUESTION: How much minimum payment can be added in Real Teen Patti APK.

ANSWER: There is facility to add minimum ₹ 100 payment in Real Teen Patti APK.

Question: Is it legal to play Rummy game in India?

ANSWER : Yes you can play rummy game online in India.

Question : Can I download rummy game in my smartphone?

ANSWER : Yes, Rummy game is now available on Android version and iOS version. You can download the Rummy game on your smartphone by clicking on the above download button.

QUESTION: How much referral commission is available in Real Teen Patti APK.

ANSWER: ₹ 100 referral commission is available for successfully joining Real Teen Patti APK.

QUESTION : Can we earn money by playing rummy game.

ANSWER : Yes, now you can earn money by playing online rummy game from your smartphone in a very simple way.

Teen Patti Cash Apk- Teen Patti Cash Game

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