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Update Version 2023

Taurus Cash

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Taurus Cash

Taurus Cash:- Hello Friends, today I have brought a very great news for you people if you are an affiliate marketing person, then it can be more beneficial for you. Friends, at the moment, a very best Taurus Cash App has come through it, you can earn thousands of rupees daily and it is also very easy to earn money in it. You can earn more by working less in it, there is nothing you have to do, just take a little time and promote different Teen Patti games. Meaning if u say there are different three cards game, you have to share them through referral link.

If you are thinking of making money in this way, then you must read our post post to the end in this, we will tell you all the information of the Taurus Cash step by step, so that you will be given all the information about this Taurus Cash Apk.

So let’s now know about this Taurus Cash Friends this app is an online earning app. In this Taurus Cash you will get to see a lot of Teen Patti games. You have to share the referral link of the apps to friends, in exchange for which you are given money through the app. In a way, you can also say that you will be given money for the promotion of these Teen Patti apps.

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About Taurus Cash 

Now know where to see what is on within this app? Friends, its interface is made very simple. When you open the Taurus Cash application, you will first see three options out of which the first option will be seen of make money and after that the second option task story third option will be me. At the moment, there are 4 Teen Patti games in this Taurus Cash App from which you can earn money by sharing the link of any teen patti game and you will also see the option of withdrawal from where you can take your earned money into your bank account through withdrawal.

In this, an option of today’s Commission will also be seen, in this you will see how much you have earned throughout the day and this gets to see the option of customer service and notification at the top of the interface.

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How To Download Taurus Cash Apk?

It is very easy to download this Taurus Cash just you have to click on the link given below and this link will redirect you to the downloading page of this app where you have to Download Taurus Cash App by clicking on the download option.

How To Sign Up In Taurus Cash?

Taurus Cash

So friends now talk about how to sign up in this Taurus Cash friends, you must have downloaded the app, after downloading, you have to install it in your Android mobile phone.

After installing, you will open this Taurus Cash app after you have opened, you will see the option of sign up on it, you have to click on that option.

After the sign up option is opened, you will see a box to fill the mobile number in it, you have to give your mobile number in that box and click on the Request button below.

After clicking on the button, an OTP message will come to the mobile number entered in the app. After that OTP message is confirmed, your account will successfully become the app.

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Invitation Rules Of Taurus Cash 

Novice task description:- 

New Taurus users need to complete the novice tasks before continuing to start other tasks. Let’s go to complete the novice tasks to get more rewards!

Rules for inviting friends:-

1. Users can invite others to download and register Taurus Cash by sharing the referral link or referral code

2. You can get a percentage of task commission from the invitee

3. In the same invitation link, a total of 5 kinds of affliates commissions can be obtained from the invitee and his subordinates.

4. The more affiliates you invite, the more you earn, and no limit to rebate.

Agent upgrade rules and rights:-

1. User levels are divided into 7 levels in total [Lv1-Lv7]

2. To upgrade from the current level to the next level, you need to meet the upgrade requirements of each level.

3. Each level can only view the upgrade requirements of the next level

4. After upgrading, you will get the rights and interests of the upgraded level.

Mentor rules and rights:-

1. All qualified users have the opportunity to apply to become mentors.

2. When the user reaches Lv 5, he can apply to become a mentor

3. Users who become mentors will receive trainee applications from lower lever, and they will become your trainee after approval.

4. Mentors will receive multiple mentor benefits.

Trainee rules and rights:-

1. All qualified users have the opportunity to apply for a mentor if their own.

2. When the user reaches Lv 3, he can apply for a mentor of his own.

3. Trainee who has a mentor will receive relevant guidance from the mentor and gain more practical experience and skills

IM introduction:-

1. The IM chat tool is open between superiors and affiliates; mentors and trainees.

2. Users can communicate with their superiors or affiliates, as well as with their mentors or trainees.

3. Mentors can initiate circle chats with trainees.

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How To Earn Commission in Taurus Cash Apk?

Taurus Cash

  • Invite your friends to download the Taurus Cash Apk, you can get commission from invitation. Normally it’s 20 for per person.
  • You can get commission from recharging up to 30%, of every recharge of your referrals The commission is valid forever. The higher division you are, the higher percentage of commission you will get.
  • You can also get commission from affiliates, which means you can earn commission from your affiliates’ referrals The higher division you are, the more commission you will get.
  • When you reach silver division, you can buy discounted chips in discounts store and trade with your referrals. So you can gain profits, up to 20%,due to the price difference. The higher division you are, the higher discount rate you will get.

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How To Invite Your Friends In Taurus Cash?

Taurus Cash

  • Share the Taurus Cash via social media or share the referral link to your friends.
  • You get commission after your friends click the promotional link, download and install the Taurus Cash.
  • The installation must be finished by the link. Sharing the Taurus Cash package by Sharelt not allowed.
  • The Taurus Cash is available for Android users. The App for IOS is coming soon.

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What’s The Purpose Of Divisions In Taurus Cash

How To Upgrade Your Division In Taurus Cash?

Taurus Cash

  • Your get higher division if more referrals you bring to the game and the more they recharge.
  • If you have extraordinary promotional ability with channels, please get contact with our customer service center to verify your division.
  • We will verify the quality of our promoters regularly and those unqualified promoters will be degraded.

How to develop your referrals into affiliates In Taurus Cash App

  • Encourage your referrals to invite their friends to play the game, then your referrals will become your affiliates.
  • Share more promotion ways to your affiliates, so they can develop their referrals quickly and your commission will increase too.

How to get commission from your affiliates In Taurus Cash?

  • You will get a percentage of commission from your affiliates’ commission.
  • The commission you get from your affiliates is paid by our financial account and your affiliates’ commission won’t be affected.

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How To Withdrawal In Taurus Cash?

So friends now talk about how you can take money earned in your bank account with this app, then friends, the way to transfer your earned money to your account is also very easy first you have to open the app, after you open your Profile section, you will see a withdrawal option in it, after clicking on that option, you fill in the money that you have to withdraw and after filling, you enter your bank account or UPI ID, after doing so, you click on OK, it will transfer you money to your account as soon as possible.


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